How to understand the game of our monetary system?

Knowing the rules to anything in life is important if you want to do well. The goal of our monetary system, is to issue debt and increase more debt. Modern day money is debt. Without continuous debt based issued paper notes by central banks, our monetary system would fall apart. Every paper note has to be borrowed into existence & then every paper note is owed back to whichever nation’s central bank plus interest. Paying down debt is not an objective for banks. To pay off debt is to destroy a nation’s money supply.

The game of our monetary system is like the game of monopoly. Paper money is theoretically unlimited; if the bank runs out of money they can issue more unlimited paper money via printing presses. You see, our whole monetary system is just IOU’s being passed around to pay/buy – goods/services. Banks to governments, governments to citizens. Citizens are sold on a bill of confidence – literally! Our entire monetary system is a confidence game. How does anyone have confidence in debt as money?

Every time a private citizen borrows money or puts something on a credit card “POOF”… modern day counterfeit $ has been created. Citizens get to borrow currency that never existed and then that currency that never existed – is now created & owed back to central banks plus interest. The game of monopoly is named after the economic concept of monopoly, the domination of a market by a single entity. The reason America’s national debt exists is because “The Federal Reserve” a private corporation controls/issues our currency. Ironic thing about our monetary system is that if everyone paid off their debts in our society there would be no money. Meanwhile, banks profit off the interest of citizens paying down debt. The real life game of our monopoly monetary system is different in one aspect there is an unlimited get out of jail free card for central banks!

*Dollars or Federal Reserve Notes are a debt, from a debt used to pay a debt. Ask yourself, how can someone pay a debt with a debt?

If you understand the game our of monetary system you know you can’t pay a debt with a debt. It would be in your best interest to become your own banker rather than pay interest to banks. Get lasting wealth today – Gold & Silver will not inflate away!

Example for fun via USDebtClock.ORG
National Debt = 16 trillion. Unfunded Liabilities120 trillion.
GDP = 15.3 trillion.
U.S could tax everyone 100% for 8 years leaving people no debt paper $ for any goods/services.


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